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Why we need toast tins when we make the bread?
Tsingbuy-ellen / 2015-07-30

Tsingbuy Industry limited is a professional wholesales in baking tools. We manufacture and supply all kinds of baking tools such as proofing basket, bread basket,toast tin, baking tray, hamburger tray and so on. Today let me introduce to you why we need toast tins for our bread.


If we do not have confidence in our shaping skills and/or we are working with a really wet dough, we can relax when our bread is in tin because the dough is contained by the tin and so it's shape is guaranteed.

If we want a square loaf we need to bake in a square tin.  Many people really like square loaves.  One of my clients from new Zealand really likes square loaves.  She gets a square loaf using our toast tins.
If we are just starting out with bread, it is easier to get a good result with a toast tin
If we brush oil or grease a tin our bread will never stick
Finally, It is easier to see how much our bread has risen in a toast tin when it is ready for baking
Tags:bread, toast tin, how to make a bread, sourdough, fermentation.

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