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Why we choose Tsingbuy Baking Pan?
Fenny Chang / 2015-10-17

Why we choose Tsingbuy Baking Pan?

Tsingbuy, a professional baking tools manufacturer and supplier in China.
We supply one of our baking tools-mini baking pans to USA, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, etc market.
We make every reason for our clients to choose our productsJ
The Aluminum Baking Pan has the perfect gauge to conduct heat efficiently and thick enough to stand up to years of extreme heat in a commercial kitchen environment.
For maximum life, the aluminum on this high-end model is placed through an electro-chemical process that oxides the surface of the metal and creates a flake-free hard coat over the entire surface.
These straight-edged pans are a great alternative to tapered-edge pans for deep dish pizzas and thin crust pizzas and are available in multiple sizes to accommodate individual pies and large group pizzas.
Enclosed product photos for your reference.
To season, wash and dry thoroughly and lightly coat inside and outside with oil. Allow to sit for 30 minutes. Bake at regular cooking times and temperatures. Wipe off any excess oil to achieve stick resistance and use as normal.

For maximum life, clean these baking pans with a mild detergent or a detergent made specifically for aluminum products. Over time, strong detergents can cause corrosion and thinning of the metal which may expose softer inner metal.
All hard-coated items are made-to-order for you.

If you are the owner of a bakery, pastry shop, or diner, you are aware of how important good quality baking pans are to the success of the finished product. We offer commercial baking pans for all types of applications.
Our square and rectangular pans will give you the perfect professional corners. Check out our Bundt pans made of heavy duty commercial steel for profession results.
For that unique wedding or celebration cake check our Comma pans, Topsy Turvy pans, Teardrop pans, and Triangle baking pans, to name a few.
Tsingbuy has one of the largest selections of cake pans!
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