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A good memory of my birthday
Jessica Lee / 2016-04-14


Hello everyone. Here is Jessica. I’m so glad to share my good memory of my birthday party. Hope you can feel that happiness.
I love delicious food very much. There have a surprised delicious heart shape birthday cake for me. They want to give me a surprised birthday. We shared that cakes and take photos and make a vow. What’s the most important thing is that I haven’t feel lonely although have left family and parents .There have so many people share that important moment with me. I’m so glad to have a good memory for my birthday with them.
I’m really grateful for my company—Tsingbuy. I have learned many things after I take part in that big family. Our leaders just like our sisters. They are very willing to help us out while we have any problems. Not only just working, but also for our life. We can grow up with them together. The efficiency will higher and higher after we have a good working atmosphere. We always have activities in one week. Such as Play the badminton, see the films, have a travel, climb the mountain and etc. There have so many ways for us to relax and build a good atmosphere as sales always feel stress. We’ll have power and passion after relax. In our team, you can feel that.
I’m so glad to have a good memory of my birthday in that busy time. Thanks all of my dear friends and colleagues.

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